top less gay love tekno party

to give you an idea:

once i was in a park in strathcona (vancouver) with guitarist / vocalist / writer / dancer / all-round angelfromheaven and producer mikey shindler, his sister, and a dear scottish friend in town for a few weeks of goodtimes. it was nearing the end of summer but our tallcans and the smoking of things kept us warm and merry against the ever-creeping shadows of dusk.

mikey said something like: “i gotta make some changes, kids. things are gonna change around daddy’s house. it’s the revolution. you gotta get into it. i’m into it.”

and his sister asked: “what’s the revolution this time?”

“easy,” he told her. “whole new me. i’m a respectable, peaceloving citizen of the world. everynight’s gonna be the same routine: smoke a joint, watch the news at eleven, go to bed. wake up. repeat. that’s it.”

and to give you another idea:

that refrain: “smoke a joint. watch the news. go to bed. wake up, repeat, repeat” is now the featured chorus of one of their newer songs.

toplessgayloveteknoparty is all spandex-onesies and getupandgo, a delightfully orchestrated seeming-chaos of guitars, drums, keyboards, sweeping harmonies and rousing choruses, sexy basslines and songs so riprollicking with love happiness and joy that i dare you not to dance and pump your fist in the air when you listen to them.

liveshows are a feast for pretty much every sense.

give them a wee listen here:


and do me a favor: don’t let their name, or the fullbodyglittersuits, or the fact that soon everyone you know will be talking about them and singing their glorious praises lead you to believe that this band is just another over-hyped, immaterial, flashinthepan kind of situation.

the difference, friends, is that all the beautiful creatures (6-8, depending on the time and place) of tgltp are each exquisitely talented in what they do: individually they are all among those humans with a kind of preternatural genius; as a mass-ensemble, they are like an all-encompassing juggernaut of energy, dynamism and unfailingly a straight-up balls-out pique of all that talent crystallized in such a way that to experience them playing in a room is to be close to something special, something rare, something that will make you forget yourself and dance.

toplessgayloveteknoparty is:

Mike Shindler
Donne Torr
Benny Schutze
Sean Tyson
Dave Vertesi
Kevin Fairburn

Honorary Members:
Lucas Hamilton
Jon McMoran
Krisdy Shindler - Art Director
Alex Duncan - Performance Dance Director

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